Community Services - SMART Kingston
SMART (Student Maintenance And Resource Team) provides property maintenance and community clean-up services to students, landlords, and other members of the Kingston community living in or around the University District.
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Community Services

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The Community Clean-up program is a free service offered by SMART and the AMS. As students, we hold the accountability to make our community a clean and safe place to live. We offer this service several times throughout the summer and school year, this ensures we are maintaining a positive living environment for students and members of the Kingston community. This service is also offered after large university events such as Orientation Week, Homecoming, and St. Patrick’s Day. SMART performs a wide-spread clean-up the morning after, to ensure that the cleanliness of the district is maintained. We are students who are part of this community and we are determined to make our home a safe and beautiful place for everyone. If you think it is time for a community clean up, let us know !


The Summer House check program employs SMART service staff to help improve the security of student homes and reduce concerns about break-ins over the Summer. The team checks the exterior of participating homes for forced signs of entry, as well as collects mail for the tenants. The program is free of charge for Queen`s students, and participating homes will receive a notification to pick up their collected mail once the program concludes. You can register for the program here!